Pensions and housing

Welcome to stay in our cozy guest house. Very nice rooms with high standards in the time space, one to two extra beds available space. The beds are custom made and measures the entire 105 cm wide with the comfort of an exclusive class.

Toilet and shower with fixed Ceiling water discharges for relaxing enjoyable ablutions, as well hook nozzle for example, shampoo, rinsing the best way. Good space for clothes closets and drawers, for pleasant sake, you should easily be able to switch on the variable activity. Golf, dinner, exercise, fishing or recreation.

TV is the flat model in a pleasant size which is mounted on the wall.

Internet is available with the router, access code issued on arrival.

Our kitchen is at your disposal for enklara cooking.

The interior is aesthetically designed for the best harmony with a touch of peace and quiet of the beautiful deep-sleeping nights in a good environment.

Skommarsgården welcome to a pleasant stay.

Breakfast is served all day course.